How Clarion Provides Affordable Web App Development Solutions for SMBs?

  • While 35% of small businesses feel they do not need a web app, around 64% of small to medium-sized businesses believe it is essential to have it for their business to grow
  • Slow-loading web apps cost online businesses US$ 2.6 billion in 2020
  • Website visitors only need half a second to form an opinion of the web app they are visiting.
  • Across small businesses from 1 to 500 employees, 48% had a website since before 2017
  • 53% of mobile website visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load. For every one second delay in site load time, conversions fall by 12% (Google, 2018)

How Clarion provides affordable web app development solution for SMBs?

  • Part-time supervisor and quality Auditor
  • Easy ramp up and ramp down of the team
  • Developers with at least 4 years of experience
  • Transparency and full control over a team
  • Manage change with high efficiency
  • Better customer engagement
  • Focus on highest priorities
  • A highly collaborative environment
  • Accuracy
  • Enhanced transparency


  1. Does vEmployee come with any hidden charges?





Analytical & Detail-oriented Technical Writer at Clarion Technologies

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Supriya Rathi

Supriya Rathi

Analytical & Detail-oriented Technical Writer at Clarion Technologies

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